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Dr. Shanda gore

Dr. Gore is the president and founder of Mays and Associates, Ltd., a global strategic planning consulting company working with individuals and organizations to create customized solutions for growth by enhancing appreciation for a diverse and inclusive environment.  


Dr. Gore has more than 24 years of experience and is a teacher, trainer and coach for individuals, small and large public and private organizations including those in higher education, K-12, health care facilities, and national member organizations. 


Dr. Gore specializes in creating effective programs and workshops in the areas of diversity and inclusion, interpersonal communication and conflict management, culture building and workplace enhancement, and individual life coaching. She has trained thousands of individuals and been sought after for her specific experiences with the development of diversity plans, supplier diversity programs, and culture climate surveys. Her clients have included a wide variety of organizations and businesses including international engineering firms, medical colleges and hospitals, school systems, public-serving county agencies, non-profit volunteer organizations, and professional athletic leadership organizations.  


Dr. Gore is credited for creating and teaching the first online, Northwest Ohio graduate Diversity Certificate program for the Judith Herb College of Education at the University of Toledo, where she also led the Culture Building Institute and served as the first Chief Diversity Officer. She has served as a volunteer by being the President of the Ohio Diversity Officers Collaborative, State of Ohio Coordinator of the American Association of Access, Equity, and Diversity and is currently the State Co-Chair and Executive Board Member for the American Council of Education (ACE) Women’s Ohio Network.  She has published and presented at competitive conferences such as the Annual Meeting of the Higher Learning Commission, the Association of American Medical Colleges, the National Diversity Council Leadership Conference, and the Annual National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education. Dr. Gore is recognized as an African American Legacy Emerging Leader of Excellence and is a Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union Community Appreciation Award winner.  


She is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. She received a Bachelor's of Communications and a Master’s of Communication with a study emphasis on minority communities in the Greater Toledo Ohio area. Dr. Gore earned a Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies and her research area was involvement behaviors and minority medical student retention.


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